Alice Seno from Alice 19th

This was my first “big” costume. And by big I mean I worked really hard to make it look accurate and had some idea of finishing work. Though looking back at the costume now I find what you think looks good at the time is in fact kiiiiiida terrible! Anyway, I loved the manga and I loved the part in the series when Alice and Kyo get their Lotus Master costumes and they start kicking ass. I thought the costumes were gorgeous and I had to make them!



The costume is mostly made out of white sateen, red moleskin, and gold PVC.  The dress is a princess seamed gown with long tails and sleeves. The dress zips up the back and has a looooooooot of beaded lines and circles on it. The long lines are made of rows of bugle beads and the circles are made of tiny seed beads. When the dress moves they sparkle in the light! I love it! The shoulder “armor” was made out of interfaced cotton sateen and had gold PVC edging and beaded lotus symbols. The armor snaps onto the front of the costume. The mirror ribbons are made out of fun foam with the gold PVC and moleskin. They attach over my shoulders with clear elastic and they snap onto a foam core board on my back. 


The skirt is made of the red moleskin and zips on the side. It has a straight waistband and a hem bound with the pvc. 


 The boots are boot covers with a foam insert in the front to give it a smooth appearance. They zip up the back with invisible zippers and attach around the boots with elastic. 


The headpiece was made out of the gold PVC with a beaded lotus symbol in the center and it pins into the wig.