A Tribute to the Pacific Coast Part 2-PROGRESS!

Well it's been a few long months of working on this dress now and I'm finally starting to see the end. This gown has been a labor of love and I am just obsessed with how it is coming out.

If you follow my Facebook page you've probably seen my progress photos. I went with the technique I posted about in the last blog. One of the coolest things is seeing how the foam "grows" from photo to photo.

Each and every puff is sewn down by hand to the felt underlayer. In nearly every puff I've sewn in beads, shells or sequins so in person there is a very natural and almost "sandy dirt" look to it. The garment looks so much more gritty and "wet" in person due to the shimmer of the organza and the texture of the batting coming through the sheen of the organza. I am very happy with how the garment is coming out. It weighs a ton, will be very difficult to pack into a closet or a box, but I love it so much I don't care. I hope to someday photograph it on the actual Oregon coast.


The rest of the garment will have the puffs getting smaller, more concentrated, and covered in more beads. I'm hoping that by sewing in more beads there will be a slight difference in overall color as well. I'm leaving the bottom edge of the garment unhemmed because I really liked the broken deconstructed look of it. This dress is not meant to be pretty. I wanted it to look very organic.

If you want to keep up to date on more progress be sure to Like my Facebook page. I often post my progress pictures on days that I work! 

Thanks for reading!