I had a hard time designing a dress for Canary. I originally started with a long chiffon skirt with a corseted top, but decided that I wanted to bring the fun, jumpy side to a Carary to this dress, so I decided to go shorter and full. While shopping for yellow fabric I spotted the plaid and jokingly said to my fiance "HA! Lets make the dress out of this doofy plaid with the stupid paisleys!" and put it back. Two hours later after finding nothing else that inspired me I realized I actually liked the plaid and decided to get it. I ended up really loving this dress!


The body of the dress is made out of a light cotton plaid print. The neckline and straps are black cotton sateen. The dress is lined in yellow seersucker and zips on the side. Lastly, the dress is emebellished with a hand braided satin trim under the bustline.

First photo by Daniel Gagnon, jewelry by House of Cach, Hair/MU by Jeremy Stone