Blue Cutaway Gown

This gown was the first dress I ever designed and created for Celtic Dragon Dress Designs. The gown was made for a "Blue" themed photoshoot with the Shootstyle group. I drew tons of sketches to present to my boss, and one of the ones I liked the least was her favorite. I was unsure of what I was going to do until I found the blue burnout silk. The fabric matched beautifully with the silk dupioni! I added a little interesting touch with a magnetic train so the dress can be bustled without and buttons and loops. I love the way the dress accentuates the wearers collarbones and shoulders. I long to see what this dress would look like in white with a full length skirt!


The bulk of the dress is made out of silk dupioni. The torso of the dress has boning on the inside, and boning throughout the bodice to keep the shaping. The front has a mock wrap top embellished with custom designed embroidery and hand sewn swarovski crystals. The dress zippers in the back with an invisible zipper.

Photo credits to Earl Christie, Jamison Wexler and Stacey Doyle