Houndstooth/Hawk Dress

This dress design came from a series of sketches I did during a trip to Vermont. The design started off as pretty basic, and the fabric choices really made it stand out. My fiance is responsible for the fabric, in the end. I first looked at the sketch and saw silk, and he looked at it and said "I picture this out of a heavy wool, like a coat" and man did he get it right.


 The dress is made of 10 yards of a poly blend wool look alike houndstooth. The dress has a brown cotton velvet facing and a boned denim lining. The dress zips up the back with an invisble zipper and has a front opening panel that fastens with three metal cloak clasps.

The dress was photographed by Greg Brown, modeled by Yekatarina, hair and makeup by Janeen Jones, and styling by Desired Results.