Lilith from Borderlands

When Halloween 2016 was coming up I was at a loss of what I wanted to make. I knew I was going to be going to be judging the costume contest at 42 Lounge's Wasteland Weekend and I needed something that was going to fit the theme. I'm not much of a zombie or post apocalyptic kind of designer so I didn't have anything on hand that would really work. I wanted to make something that would be a departure from what I've done before and be fun to wear at the same time. I've always like the idea of doing cel shading Borderland's style and so when I was revisiting games I've played and Lilith showed up I was hooked. 


The wig

The wig was originally a Magnum from Arda in red. I added a bunch of the pink extensions and sharpie dyed the darker bits into it. The only cutting I did was to cut the extensions to blend into the original wig.

The tank and sweater

The sweater and tank top I bought on Amazon and altered. I shortened the sleeves on the sweater and cut off the hood. Then I cel shaded both the shirt and sweater with black sharpie pens and fabric paints


I drafted the vest based off of one of my sloper blocks. The vest is made of a green linen base with a vinyl shoulder piece edged in cotton ribbon, a green cotton quilted panel, and trimmed with a sherpa standup collar lined in buckram. I used various fabric markers and paints to decorate the vest. All the pockets on the front are fully functional. The metal decorations are covered buttons that I smashed up with pliers and aged with paint.

Belts and Holsters

The green utility belt was from Amazon and I decorated it with a bit of sharpie. The black leg holster was also bought on Amazon. I ripped the actual gun holder part off and added a black shadow box filed with blue LEDS. The whole thing stuck onto my leg with velcro so I could easily remove it for navigating through crowds.

Pants and Chaps

The grey pants were a pair I already owned. I tore off the pockets, tapered the legs, and then painted them with lots of different colors of paint and sharpie, The chaps I drafted by knocking off a pair of pants I already owned and altering the pattern. The chaps have a spandex section in the middle of the inseam so they stretch to fit. They are held up by linking through the belt around my waist.


The boots are a pair I already owned. I cut a piece of vinyl, shaded it, and then wrapped some gray spandex around my leg to hold on the vinyl. 

Tattoo sleeve and accessories

I created the tattoo sleeve so I would not have to paint myself everytime I wanted to wear the costume and so I did not rub off on anyone that brushed by me in the crowded club. I made it out of spandex and it pins to the inside of the sweater. The gloves were from my Corsair costume and the bracelets were bought on Amazon.