Neo Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon 

Continuing on my spree of making Sailor Moon related costumes, I knew this design would be next. I used to have a wall scroll of Neo Queen Serenity and the Guardians from Sailor Moon R on my wall in my bedroom as a child and therefore knew this design long before I knew how to sew. This gown has several variations depending on the manga, anime, Crystal, artbook, etc, so I decided to combine the elements I liked best and to make it a little more flattering for my body type. I made the circles smaller and positioned them higher up on my body. I made the garment more streamlined at the empire waist and eliminated all the gathers that the original design has in favor of a slimmer silhouette. I also decided to dress it up a bit more like the Prince Diamond hologram version since that one is so pretty and fancy!

I made this dress in about 3 days to wear to Anime Milwaukee. I then wore it a second time to C2E2 in Chicago.


The base dress was drafted from a princess line torso sloper block. The overall shaping and fabrication is very similar to my Flamingo gown so it went together very quickly and I knew the design would execute well. The dress is made with mostly white spandex knit and is lined with a boned princess seamed bodice. The circles are appliqued gold satin and are heat n bonded and handstitched down. The beading detail at the waist is made up of several different trims and sequins. The dress zips in the back 

The wings are made of the same thick wire I used for Beetle Ball Thumbelina and are covered in pink organza I bought at JoAnns. The bottom of the wing and the edges of the tails have very thin horsehair braid sewn into them to keep them nice and floofy. The wings slide in between the dress and the spanx I was wearing, haha.

The crown is made of a gold leafed piece of wood, various beads and rhinestones, and a half of a rhinestone clasp. The crown just pins in to my wig.

Finally I raided Party City for all of the pearls!