Reisz from Seiken Densetstu 3

I made this costume for Halloween 2009. My husband and I played Seiken Densetsu 3 together for a while,  and I always played as Reisz. I choose her Valkyrie class because I loved the color scheme. The best part about making the costume was the free reign I had over the design, since all I had to base it off of was the game sprite. It was also my first time building a decent prop, and it was quite a fun learning experience!



All the purple parts of the costume are made out of a glossy cotton twill. The dress has simple princess seams, a side slit, and an invisible zipper up the back.

Shoulder Pauldrons

The shoulder pauldrons were carvable pumpkins that I cut apart and covered with paperclay to make them a little smoother. Then I painted them. The edging on the pumpkins is fun foam with spandex over it, and decorative mini mirrors.


The "ears" are made out of covered fun foam and are sewn directly into the wig. They are probably my favorite part of the costume! The wig was from and I styled the front of it by adding the cartoony lifted bangs with some teasing and hairspray.


The boots are spandex boot covers made using Love Meeko's boot cover tutorial: I covered a pair of hilarious chunky black snakeskin boots!


The staff is a wooden dowel with a foamcore blade covered in paperclay. I sprayed the handle with a textured spray paint for depth.


The gloves were sewn using the Vogue glove pattern. They had to be completely sewn by hand because my machine was eating the fabric!