Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon

I think I've waited my whole life to cosplay this character. I have cosplayed Sailor Neptune before so I am no stranger to the joy that is cosplaying a pretty sailor soldier. I just always felt that Sailor Moon was unapproachable to me. She's young, she's bubbly, a total clutz, but also so passionate, so loving, and so kindhearted. Her dedication to the people that she loves is inspirational to me. For years I felt I could never cosplay her and do her justice. I don't physically look like her, blonde is not my color, and I'm a bit on the chunky side. One day though, it hit me. I was being a hypocrite! I always write and talk about how important it is to cosplay the character you love no matter what you look like. I always say that cosplay is a celebration of the character. What was I waiting for!? I just decided to go for it and cosplay one of my favorite characters of all time. Putting on this costume truly is transformative. I feel stronger, more empowered, and most of all just so delighted to be representing one of the most influential characters of all time. 


The fuku

I used almost the same pattern as my Sailor Neptune costume. The only change I made from the Neptune costume was the sailor collar. Instead of using the slightly more rounded collar on Neptune I used the same collar I drafted for Usagi's high school uniform. I also slightly adjusted the size of the front bow based on the proportion of my brooch. The base leotard is made out of thick white spandex knit, blue casa satin, and red cotton sateen for the bows. I sewed two rows of white double sided piping to the collar for the stripes.

The boots

The boots are boot covers sewn up to cover a pair of pumps I purchased at a thrift store. The boot covers are made of red and white spandex and are decorated with two resin cast crescent moons.


The gloves were purchased at JoAnns and I altered them by taking them in along the wrist so they fit tighter and I sewed in elastic along the top edge so they would stay up easier. The glove rolls are made of red sateen stuffed with poly batting.


The wig is a chibi wig from Arda Wigs in golden blonde that I stubbed. I made the odango's by covering styrofoam balls in extra wig hair and then sewing them over long extensions and over the stubbed pigtails. I curled the ends of the wig with my curling iron on a low setting. 


The crescent moons on the brooch, boots and earrings were all cast from resin and painted with a gold leaf pen. The odango shields are also cast in resin and painted with nail polish. The tiara was purchased ages ago and is actually the same I used for Neptune but with the gem repainted.