Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon

I made a Sailor Neptune costume waaaaaaay back when I was first getting into cosplay. I used a Faerie Fingers pattern and a neon green wig. I was so proud of it! I still have the original costume and it is virtually unwearable! I knew someday I'd want to remake it because Sailor Moon is my favorite anime and Sailor Neptune is one of my favorite characters. I was lucky that the fabric from my Yukari runway gown was the perfect color and I had plenty left. I also had leftover matching metallic paint from the roses that I could use to paint my shoes!



I used a Kwik Sew skating pattern for the base leotard and altered it to have the bust seam and V in the front. The leotard is two layers of really soft lightweight white knit that was donated to my school's sewing department. I used leftover bridal satin from my Yukari Runway dress for the skirt, collar, shoe straps and glove rolls.  The skirt hem is edged with horsehair braid to give the skirt that poofy look. The sleeves were quilted with a layer of batting to give them shape. 

The shoes

The shoes were found at my local thrift store and painted with many layers of elmers glue, model paint, and acrylic paint. 


The tiara was something I bought for a Sailor Moon costume many years ago and I just repainted the jewel. 
My choker gem is made of 4 painted scrapbooking corners and a shiny plastic jewel button that I painted. 
The brooch is a half of a plastic x-mas ornament that was painted with acrylic paint.

The wig is a Ferarri from 

All the pieces of the costume snap on so I could later change it up for a Super version of Neptune.