Thumbelina from Thumbelina

I was obsessed with this movie as a kid. I can’t explain it. When I saw the DVD on sale I knew I had to make the costume. It took me a few years of research until I was comfortable enough to tackle the project. Finally, I just sucked it up and took the plunge.


The Wig

The biggest part about the costume is the wig. It started as a butt length gold wig that I pulled up into a ponytail after sewing hand made extensions throughout the hairline. Once it was up at the height I wanted, I chopped the length off and threw it away (the hair was practically a tangled mess) Then I glued on a ½ Styrofoam ball, painted it, then added 6pkgs of hand wefted extensions for the ponytail.

The Shirt

The shirt was drafted from a sloper and it made of cotton sateen. It zips up the back.

The Skirt

The skirt is a double circle skirt made out of a poly knit and has an elastic waistband.

The Waist Cincher

The waist cincher is made of kona cotton, has a separating zipper and plastic zip ties for boning.