Yukari Hayasaka from Paradise Kiss

This was a quick costume I put together a couple weeks before Anime Boston. I purchased the plaid fabric ages ago and used the rest of my stash for the rest of the costume. I'm pretty happy with the costume! It's a little bulky around the waist, so it makes me look wider than I actually am. Otherwise it's a really comfy costume and much easier to wear than the Runway dress!



The bodice was made using an altered princess seamed shirt pattern. It has buttons up the front and is fully lined with an old shower curtain!


The skirt is lined and has a drawstring waistband so I can easily adjust it.

The Hat

The hat was made from cardboard and covered in fabric and has a comb sewn into it. The Happy Berry decoration was made by my friend Rachael.

The wig was my Tomoyo wig clipped up into an alligator clip with two packages of curly extensions. 

I made the arm band and ties out of extra fabric from the skirt. The garter and tights were purchased, and the shoes were ones from my collection.